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ComPair Data is ready to put our data, research capabilities and knowledge to work for you to help find solutions to your data and information requirements. Whether you want to add the power of ComPair Data to your reports and business models, need specialized research, market surveys or analysis, we are ready to put our knowledge of international trade and service networks to work for you.

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Analytical Database Coverage


ComPair Data's analytical database puts the widest scope of data available on ocean carrier liner services at your fingertips to run simple queries or to run complex analysis.

You can click on the data link to see the details of the data scope.


247 Trade Routes

299 Ocean Carriers

2315 Ocean Carrier Liner Services

13299 Vessels

11532 Ports

Schedule Integration Coverage


ComPair Data's vessel voyage database is able to provide you with comprehensive vessel voyage schedule data in a uniform format because we are not dependent on EDI schedule feeds made available by a small number of carriers but have our researchers gather schedules.


170 Trade Routes

153 Ocean Carriers

11765 Ocean Carrier Liner Services

12166 Vessels

14780 Ports